Tampereen Napapiiri is a place for all parents and children in Tampere. There are several groups that get together under a name or over a topic that volunteer leaders are interested in or feel passionate about. Tampereen Napapiiri ry is a registered common-interest association that has no intention of making profit. For that reason, course prices are kept as low as possible. There is a small participation fee in every group, however – just to cover monthly rental and supplies charges.

Tampereen Napapiiri is located in Kaleva, within a walking distance from the center. Kaalamonaukio 2 is the street address. You will find your way there by turning right at K-Market, a small grocery store a stone’s throw away from the crossroads where Sammonkatu starts. The entrance to Napapiiri is up the street from K-Market on the right-hand side, stairs down from where there are small windows on ground level. Buses number 3, 17, 25 and 37 have bus stops both before and after K-Market on Sammonkatu.

Come join our meetings, you are warmly welcome!