In an intercultural family the spouses are from two different countries. Duo Living Room is a meeting place for intercultural children and parents, where you can discuss everyday life in an intercultural family in a relaxed atmosphere. In Tampere the Duo Living Room meetings take place once a month on Fridays. In the meetings the participants can meet other families, exchange ideas, make new friends, and enjoy a cup of coffee together. Duo Living Room is facilitated by volunteers, and the language of the meetings is Finnish and English. You don’t need to sign up in advance.

Kokoontumiset / Meetings autumn 2018:

Lauantai / Saturday 29.9. klo 13-15
Lauantai / Saturday 27.10. klo 13-15
Lauantai / Saturday 24.11. klo 13-15
Lauantai / Saturday 8.12. klo 17-19